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Sound Level Meter

  • Low Cost to High Quality
  • Meet ISO14000, NEA (ENV) , MOM & Police Licensing Requirement

Outdoor Noise Monitoring System

  • Long Term Remote Monitoring (From Several Months to Several Years)
  • All-Weather Outdoor Microphone
  • Smart Data Acquisition System with an Option to Record Audio Sound
  • Rugged Industrial Computer
  • Self-contained in a Weatherproof Heated and Ventilated Enclosure

Vibration Monitoring System

  • Long & Short Term
  • Building, Transportation and Sensitive Machine Vibration Monitoring
  • Ultra-Sensitivity Vibration Sensor
  • Precision Data Acquisition / Storage / Analysis System

Airport Noise Monitoring System

  • Detection of Noise Events of Aeronautical Origin
  • Correlation of Each Noise Event With Corresponding Aircraft
  • Playback of Audio Recordings Relative to Aircraft Overflights
  • Spectrum Analysis of Measured Noise, Either Continuously or on Thresholds
  • Processing and Printing of Predefined and/or Customised Graphics
  • Editing of Predefined and/or Customised Reports

Environmental Noise Prediction Software
for sound propagation prediction

  • Road Traffic Noise Prediction
  • Railway Noise Prediction
  • Aircraft Noise Prediction
  • Industrial Noise Prediction
  • Takes Into Account of Building Layout, Topography, Noise Barriers, Ground Type, Meteorological Effects, etc.

Indoor Noise Prediction Software

  • Takes into Account of Complex Geometry of a Workshop, the Material Absorption, the Size, Sound Source's Sound Power Level, etc.
  • Computes the Direct Incident, the First Reflections and the Diffuse Field.

Plant Noise Prediction Software

  • Plant Noise Contour Prediction

Noise Sources

  • Impact Shock Machines
  • Omnidirective & Directive Noise Sources
  • High Power Amplifier
  • Noise Generator
  • Battery Powered Amplifier with Remote Control

Human Vibration & Comfort Meter

  • 3-Channel Whole Body Vibration Meter
  • 3-Channel Hand Arm Vibration Meter
  • Meet ISO 8041, ISO5349, ISO 2631-1 Vibration Standards
  • Optional 4th Channel SEAT Measurement
  • Optional Noise Measurements

Noise Limiter
remove acoustic contamination with unattended surveillance

  • For Entertainment Centres, Discos, Pubs, Game Arcades, etc.



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