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Complete range of vibration and sound measurement instrumentation including sensors, measurement/recording/analysis system and testing facilities:

Comprehensive types of Vibration & Acoustic Sensors

  • Low cost to high quality sensors
  • special applications (such as underwater, air-borne, high temperature, very low frequency … etc.)
  • Custom Made

Sound Power Measurement

  • Sound Intensity Probe
  • Sound Analyser
  • Sound Power Measurement

Sound Quality Measurement & Analysis

  • Artificial Head
  • Sound Analyser
  • Psycho Acoustics Software

Acoustical Holography System

  • Acoustic Antenna of Transducers
  • Multichannel Acquisition System
  • Powerful Holography Processing Software
  • A non-Contact Positioning System for Interior Measurements
  • A Robot System for Automated Testing of Exterior Applications (1D up to 6D)

Non-Contact Vibration measurement

  • Laser Vibrometer
  • Microphone Array

Vibration & Shock Test System

  • Shaker & PC based Control System
  • Shock Test Machine
  • Vibration & Shock Data Acquisition/Recoding & Analysis System

Dynamic Mechanical Analyser (DMA)

  • Precise Analysis of Materials' Viscoelastic & Thermomechanical Properties
  • Test Software for DMA (Dynamic Tests, Transient Tests, Thermomechanical Tests)

Calibration System

  • Vibration Calibrator
  • Acoustic Calibrator
  • Pistonphones
  • Sound Intensity Probe Calibrator
  • Artificial Ears and Ear Simulators

New Technologies in Research
miniaturizing microphone in a silicon chip

  • Detect Sound and Vibration Using Light & Heat
  • Far field holography / sound source localization
  • Near field and very near field source localization
  • In situ impedance measurements
  • Structural vibration measurements



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