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  • Noise Monitoring Course
  • Noise Control Course
  • Vibration (Theory and Measurement Techniques)

Contract Services

  • Long & Short Term Vibration & Noise Monitoring
    @ Airport, Construction, Entertainment, Traffic …etc.

Monitoring Services

  • Boundary Noise Assessment According to ISO14000
  • Environmental Noise Assessment According to ENV Regulation
  • Factory Noise Assessment According to MOM Regulation
  • Entertainment Noise Assessment According to Police Licensing Requirement
  • Traffic Noise On-line Monitoring
  • Building Vibration Monitoring & Control with respect to Structural Integrity, Machine Accuracy and Human Comfort

Project Services

  • Road Noise Absorption Assessment

  • Vehicle Pass-by Noise Assessment
  • Transportation Ride Performance Assessment
  • Noise Source Identification

  • Building Acoustic Measurements
  • Noise Enclosure Design & Installation
  • Machine Noise Measurement & Labeling



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